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If you are looking for a B&B in the center of Florence with airconditioned rooms you have found what you are looking for!

Prestigia offers all guests air conditioning service (every room is fitted with a internal single unit, manually operated), a must during the hot summers in Florence, to cool and relax after sultry days spent exploring the city of art.
Make your stay in Florence more enjoyable.

Immerse yourself into the cool atmosphere at Prestigia.
Every room at B&B Prestigia offers comfort with towels and bathrobes at your disposal.
Every room have private bathroom with shower : shampoos, heated towel rail radiator, hairdryer, mirror and hygienic plastic bags.
When booking it is possible to request the addition of a small bed for kids in the room, to make sure that your child can enjoy all the facilities in the B&B Prestigia. For children aged 3 to 6 there is a reduction of 50% and for children from 6 to 12 years of age there is a 30% reduction on the price list.
Breakfast is included in your reservation! Prestigia rooms is pleased to offer a typical Italian breakfast at the coffee bar Robiglio.
Every B&B Prestigia room offers a coffee machine with a wide selection of coffee pods, camomile drinks, teas and infusions, fully available to every guest (including a set of crockery).
When booking it is possible to request the addition of a baby cot, to make sure that your baby can enjoy all facilities at the B&B Prestigia.

For children aged 0 to 3 years the service of a baby cot is free, and you will also find in your room on arrival a baby- food warmer and a bottle warmer, available for your baby.
Each B&B Prestigia room has a study area with a small table or desk, available for its guests.
Every room in B&B Prestigia has free internet connection, thanks to a wireless network that covers the whole premises and ensures free and fast connection.
Both bathrooms at B&B Prestigia offer its guests safe and reliable hairdryers to make your stay more enjoyable.
B&B Prestigia is a Web 2.0 premises and for this reason every room has been installed with a secure door- handle door allowing each guest access with a personal code.
Every B&B Prestigia room offers a heating system to make your stay even more comfortable and to cover your hours of relax in a warm glow.
Free compensation due to the extension of stay, due to hospitalization € 80 per day per pax; per event and nucleus € 260; advance of money for medical costs € 2,600; an interpreter at your disposal € 260.
Every B&B Prestigia room offers its guests a completely free minibar, allowing you to quench your thirst after a long day exploring the wonders of this city of art.
B&B Prestigia is strictly for non Smokers.
Do you want to drive from your home to Florence in your car without any problems?

B&B Prestigia offers its guests an agreement parking service. At only 25 euros per day you can keep your car nearby.
The Michelangelo Garage is located in Via Ricasoli, the luxury street located in the center, just 3 minutes on foot from Prestigia rooms.
Without problems of parking, and fear of fines, your holiday finally becomes unique and unforgettable.

Thanks to the garage's position, near the historic center of the city, you can enjoy your vacation on foot without any worries.
Every B&B Prestigia room offers comfort with room slippers at your disposal.
Your safety and privacy are important, for this reason at B&B Prestigia every room has been equipped with a strongbox with a digital combination number. You can easily put inside also your personal laptop or camera.
In each room there is a comfortable and elegant chromed steel stand for your suitcases, ideal for your stay, easily reclosable, to take up as little space as possible.
To be connected with the world and be able to work, communicate or entertain yourself in complete freedom, at B&B Prestigia you will find two tablet stations with free Internet access at your disposal.

Specially for its guests B&B Prestigia provides a dedicated area, where you can find points of interest in the city, restaurants, shops and museums.

Furthermore, always available to its guests, the B&B Prestigia offers a reading room where you can relax reading a good book or interesting magazine.
The B&B Prestigia offers its guests tourist guide facilities, completely at your service to prepare classical standard or personalized itineraries.

Moreover, for guests staying longer than 4 days, B&B Prestigia offers its clients a free guide for 2/3 hours.
Every B&B Prestigia room offers its clients a TV Led 32” with digital channels, cinema, sport and entertainment and News available 24/24 hours, to make your stay at the B&B Prestigia as enjoyable as possible.
In every room at B&B Prestigia you can find a vanity set (shower cap, tooth brush and toothpaste, cotton make-up remover and cotton buds), to make your stay even more enjoyable.
In common areas of the B&B (hallway and relaxing area) there are some security cameras.

Every guest has to feel safe in Prestigia Rooms.
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